Visit the Remembrance Shoppe ~ Located near the Front Gate to the Kingdom

His Majesty’s Remembrance Shoppe beckons each visitor to the Realm

A selection of sweatshirts, pull-over fleeces and t-Shirts (worn by the most loyal subjects), wyne goblets & brew tankards (to keep icy cold the memory of a toast), swords & shields ( safe wooden style) and film (to capture the face of a child knighted by the King) all await you to help you remember your day at the Faire long after the sun has set over the land.

  • King Richard’s Faire Pottery Mugs
  • King Richard’s Faire Beer Steins
  • Princess Hats
  • Wooden Swords & Shields
  • Decks of Playing Cards
  • King Richard’s Faire Magnets
  • Cameras, Film, Batteries
King Richards Fair ShopSwords and Souvenirs
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