• Turkey Leg (G)
  • Dragon Wings ‘n Fryes
  • Italian Sweet Sausage
    with Peppers, Onions ‘n Fryes
    (Gluten free bun upon request)
  • Shephards’ Pye
  • Jester’s Chicken Fingers ‘n Fryes
  • Chicken Caesar Wrappe
  • Turkey Feast Wrappe
  • Fishe ‘n Chips (L)
  • Lord’s Pigge Sandwich (L)
  • Pizza cheese (V) or spicy pepperoni
  • Sweet Potato Fryes (V L)
  • King’s Chowder Boule
  • Queen’s Turkey Stew Boule
  • Chancellor’s Chili Boule
    (Gluten free bowl upon request)
  • Tuscan Grille Vegetable Boule
    (V L Gluten free bowl upon request)
  • Chopped Salad (G V L)
  • Greek Salad (G V)
  • Cup o’Fruit (G V L)
  • Siberian Chill (G)
  • Giant Stuffed Baked Potato(G V)
  • Desserts Include:
  • Prince & Princess Ice Cream
  • Giant Cone
  • Royale Sundae (V)
  • Brownie Sundae (V)
  • Root Beere Float (V)
  • Bakery Delights
  • King’s Towering Chocolate Cake (V)
  • Apple Crisp wi’ Ice Cream (V)
  • Cheesecake (V)
  • Coffee (G V L)
  • Hot Chocolate (V)
  • The Court’s Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

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