CLEAVAGE CONTEST (18+) Saturday, September 7th @ 4:00pm
Rain Date- Sunday, September 8th

Cleavage Contest Rules

“Faire Ladies of the Realm,” 18 and over are invited to be daring- without baring it all, during our annual Cleavage Contest.Authentic 16th century women’s dress often featured bodices with square or rounded necklines, which were always cut across the top of the nipple line, never below this line. Women often wore corsets to smooth the lines of the torso, compressing it into a smooth cone shape. The waist was not overly compressed, and the breasts were flattened, resulting in a high, mounded bust line.

First 50 people to sign-up at the Maypole located between the King’s & Tiger’s Stage beginning at 3:30pm

Winners in each category will receive prizes.
Cleavage Contest Rules:

  • Minimum Age – The Cleavage Contest is open to all females over the age of 18. Please bring proof of ID.
  • Cleavage Defined – Cleavage typically refers to the hollow between a woman’s breasts, as defined by the neckline of the garment worn.
  • Disqualification – Bare breasts, flashing, or topless outfits will not be allowed and will result in immediate disqualification.