Welcome to the 38th Season of King Richard’s Faire,
THE New England Renaissance Festival

The Faire is abuzz with a new majesty ruling the realm. King Richard XI is now in command of Carvershire with his lovely bride, Queen Anne. Completing our royal court are King Richard’s visiting princesses. They look forward to visiting with the Village’s talented merchants and being entertained by the exciting new performers.

Our enchanted forest welcomes: THE ACCIDENTAL ACROBATS, an extremely flexible duo that will wow audiences with their contortions and skills. SIR GUY, will be loved by the entire family with his funny comedy act filled with audience participation. Patrons won’t want to miss GOGAUCHO as they bring exciting dance, pounding music, hilarious comedy, tricks and amazing skills to our Village.
Mesmerizing music from MOON CHARIOT, and the talented Scottish pipes from PORTLAND & DISTRICT PIPERS.

The royal chef has been busy all year creating scrumptious new tantalizing
treats. Peasants, nobles and royalty alike will enjoy quenching thy thirst with new specialty cocktails featuring Tito’s Handmade Vodka or take a swig from your drinking horn of champagne, wine, mead or brew!

Our new Princesses will enjoy shopping amongst the realm’s newest and finest merchants: MAGICALLY INTERTWINED’S, hand crafted wire wrap jewelry; travel back and cloth yourself like a Templar with adult clothing and cloaks from KNIGHTS CLOTHING; challenge thyself with games for the young and old at DRAGONFLY’S REALM; and learn to play a magical JUBO MUSIC instrument.

You won’t want to miss these guest artisans while they briefly visit our realm: KELILA’S DESIGNS ~ beautifully sculpted jewelry (Aug. 31, Sept. 1, 2, 7 & 8);
Renaissance books author, TUDORS ALCHEMY & MYSTERY (Sept. 7, 8, 14, 15); SINGLE TREE PEWTER and HATS (Sept. 14-Oct. 20).

We look forward to you seeing you soon!!